Get more traffic to your website with WordPress embeddable post widgets

There are various ways with which you can share your WordPress posts across websites: RSS and Atom feeds, APIs and embeddable widgets. There is a RSS feed widget on WordPress but it doesn’t provide any customization option to the site admin or the site visitor. It is not possible to add RSS feeds to most of the other content management systems without coding. APIs are not easy to integrate on other websites without adding some extra code.

This leaves us with embeddable widgets, like the ones used by Google AdSense to display advertisements on websites or Facebook “Share” and “Like” buttons — all of these rely on embeddable code to display specific content on a website.

With TMfeed WordPress Embeddable Post Widgets For Elementor, your site visitors will able to add your blog posts (and WooCommerce products) to their website with a piece of iframe code. Widgets can customized by the users to fit their website’s design. Rich set of widget customization options allow you to customize look and feel of your forms easily.

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